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Winch trucks are an essential part of your fleet and at Airland Manufacturing we know that. Our winch fabrication was designed to be practical and durable for the rugged oilfield terrain. We have designed a truck that we know will help you get the job done right!

Standard Features

  • Braden or Tulsa 30 Ton 2 Speed Winch

  • CS8 Hot Shift PTO

  • PL1-25 Hydraulic Pump

  • Single Hydraulic Control Valve

  • Custom On-Deck Hydraulic Tank

  • AMI Custom Seat or Floor Mount Console

  • AMI Custom Headache Rack Package Complete with Stainless Steel Panels

  • Sliding Rear Window Screen and Air Operated “D” Sign 

  • Full 4” Sub Frame

  • Steel Walking Deck with Cut-In Steps and Aluminum Deck Tread

  • Checkerplate Aluminum Fenders over Axles

  • AMI Custom Roller and/or Tank Style Tire Chain Hangers 

  • Custom Aluminum Toolboxes Where Frame Room Permits

  • 7” x 34" Rear Tail Roll with Rear Skirt, Ramps and Mudflap Hangers

  • All LED Speed Demon Lighting Package

  • 170 ft of 1” Winchline

  • Blasted, Primed and Painted 

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