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Having well equipped hauling equipment is what sets one company apart from the others. Through our many year's experience in the oilfield industry we believe we know what it takes to make an efficient bed and our AIRCO bed truck design embodies that. We build various sizes of bed trucks so that we are able to meet the needs of all of our customers.

The AIRCO 420” T/A T/A Bed is the bigger version of our tried and tested 340” Bed. We have kept our design functional and efficient but made the necessary adjustments to accommodate the increase in size and hauling capacity of this truck.

Standard Features

  • Braden or Tulsa 60 ton and 30 ton hydraulic 2 speed winch

  • Crank drive direct mount hydraulic pump

  • 5 function - 90 series valve

  • 75 gallon frame mounted hydraulic tank and twin fan hydraulic cooler

  • Bed truck style AIRCO custom headache rack with stainless steel or checker plate aluminum panels

  • Sliding rear window screen and air operated 'D' sign

  • AMI custom oilfield front bumper with grill guard, heavy duty skid plate and corner posts

  • AMI custom in cab control console

  • 3" bunk, 3" x 10 " fir decking, 6" triple loaded bin poles 

  • Custom toolboxes, under bed tie down chain hangers with baskets

  • Tank style tire chain hangers with heavy duty belting

  • 12 3/4" rear tail roll with support rollers

  • Rear apron with 4" hydraulic blocks

  • Winch line with 7 link tail chain

  • All LED Speed Demon Lighting

  • Blasted, primed and painted

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