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We currently stock 3 Types of bolt on, 3 Door Cabinets for your Hauling Needs. You can have your choice of Painted Black, Polished Aluminum, or Plain Aluminum. These Cabinets come Standard with 3 Doors. The 2- Outside doors have Internal Chain Hangers and the middle Shelve is filled with properly spaced out Shelving for all your storage needs. 

Standard Features

  • Cabinets are Built to Fit Most Standard Sleepers 

  • Approximate Measurements: 72" x 86" 

  • 2- Areas for Hanging Chains

  • 1- Internal Shelving Unit 

  • All LED Speed Demon Marker Lighting 

  • All Chrome Hinges and Locking Door Handles

  • Wiring to Base of Cabinet

  • Easy Mounting Base for Quick Install 

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