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Our Texas Beds are among the best in the industry. We combined our experience in the oilfield hauling industry and our customers requirements in formulating our current design. We include many features that make our Texas bed stand out.

Standard Features

  • Tulsa or Braden 2 Speed Hydraulic Winch 

  • Muncie CS8 Hot Shift PTO c/w Dire Mount PL1-25 Pump

  • Hydraulic Control Valve

  • Under Winch Hydraulic Tank

  • Twin 10 MIC Hydraulic Twin Filter Housing

  • AMI Custom Cab Controls and Console 

  • AMI Custom Headache Rack with Aluminum or Stainless Steel Trim Package

  • Sliding Window Screen, Air operated “D” Sign 

  • Checkerplate Aluminum Fenders over all Axles

  • Custom Toolboxes where Room permits

  • 1 Hydraulic Lift Bunk & 1 Manual Lift Bunk

  • Full length Hydraulic Lift with *” x 101” Support Rollers 

  • All Oval LED Speed Demon Lighting Package

  • Sand Blasted, Primed and Painted Black

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